Manchester Metropolitan University, 6-8 April 2020

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View details of LILAC conferences, the themes, keynote speakers and presentations for the past years.

LILAC 2019 was hosted by the University of Nottingham, and took place on 24th-26th April 2019.

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LILAC 2018 was jointly hosted by the University of Liverpool and Liverpool John Moores University, and took place on 4th-6th April 2018.

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LILAC 2017 was hosted by Swansea University, and took place on 10th-12th April 2017.

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LILAC 2016 was hosted by University College Dublin, and took place on 21st-23rd March 2016.

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LILAC 2015 was hosted by Newcastle University, and took place on 8th-10th April 2015.

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LILAC 2014 was hosted by Sheffield Hallam University, and took place on 23rd-25th April 2014.

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LILAC 2013 was hosted by The University of Manchester Library, and took place on 25th-27th March 2013.

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LILAC 2012 was hosted by Glasgow Caledonian University, and took place on 11th-13th April 2012.

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LILAC 2011 was jointly hosted by The British Library and the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), and took place on 18th-20th April 2011.

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LILAC 2010 was hosted by the Limerick Institute of Technology, and took place on 29th-31st March 2010.

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LILAC 2009 was hosted by Cardiff University, and took place on 30th March - 1st April 2009.

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LILAC 2008 was hosted by Liverpool John Moores University, and took place on 17th-19th March 2008.

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LILAC 2007 was hosted by Manchester Metropolitan University, and took place on 26th-28th March 2007.

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LILAC 2006 was hosted by the University of Leeds, and took place on 27th-29th March 2006.

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LILAC 2005 was hosted by Imperial College London.

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Details of our past keynote speakers; who they were, and why we invited them to speak to our delegates.

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LILAC is great opportunity for our fellow professionals to present their ideas, share best practice and show case new thinking in our sector. If you have an idea then we'd love to hear about it. We have many options for the types of sessions you might run from a symposium to a workshop. Visit our Call for presentations page to find out how to apply.

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At 3-4 BST this afternoon Alicja Syska will be giving her presentation on using visual sources to develop analytica…

28 May

Today, as part of #LDat3, Emily Forester will give her presentation on academic writing and emotion. You can follow…

27 May

#LDat3 continues this week with Sarah George and Jennifer Rowland giving their presentation on strange new worlds:…

26 May

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