LILAC 2014


LILAC 2014 was hosted by Sheffield Hallam University, 23rd-25th April 2014. LILAC celebrated its 10th birthday at the networking evening in Sheffield City Hall. A selection of photos from the conference are available via our Flickr stream.

The themes for LILAC 2014 were:

The Keynote speakers for 2014 were:

LILAC 2014 was also privileged to receive a video address from Paul Zurkowski, the practitioner who penned the term ‘information literacy’ 40 years ago. We also have access to a transcript of this address.

LILAC 2014 Conference Reports:

LILAC 2014 Presentations:

Innovative Approaches to IL Putting theory into practice Outreach and collaboration

Michael Courtney, Carrie Donovan & Catherine Minter

Jade Kelsall

Leslin Charles

Team based learning in information literacy instruction

Anne Costigan & Maria Introwicz

Andrew Gray & Nancy Graham

Susan Halfpenny

Julie Moody

Alan Carbery & Sean Leahy

Information literacy course module from Credo

Ian Hames & Beth Ardner

Katelyn Angell, Katherine Boss & Eamon Tewell

Sarah McNicol

Alan Carbery

A tool to help researchers migrate from Google searches to evidence based reviews

Bob Green

Ellen Wilkinson & Maria Bell

Michelle Schneider

Charles Inskip

Alison Sharman

Andrew Walsh

Pam McKinney & Barbara Sen

Jacqueline May

Jonathan White

Jane Secker & Cathie Jackson

Samantha Aston & Steve McIndoe

Dialogism, Mikhail Bakhtin and information literacy

Andrew Whitworth

Vicky Grant, Barbara Sen & Denise Harrison

Leah Emary, Clare McCluskey & Victoria Watt

Lina Lindstein

Solveig Kavli & Eli Heldaas Seland

Melissa Man

Jennie Blake & Karen Butterworth

Vanessa Earp

Brian Kelly & Nancy Graham

Clare Scott & Amy Collins

Rebecca Blunk

Improving the Information Literacy entry on Wikipedia: LILAC’s first edit-a-thon!

Nancy Graham, Brian Kelly, Claire Packham, Andrew Walsh & Andrew Gray

Joanne Keleher

Jenny Coombs & Carol Hollier

Maria Carnegie, Jonathan White & Vanessa Vivian-Shaw

Nancy Graham, Jane Secker, Darren Flynn & Siobhan Burke

Sue Shreeve & Emma Delaney

Aimee Cook, Gillian Johnston & Moira Bent

Michael Courtney

Emma Hadfield

Kim McGowan & Emma Holgate

Sarah Purcell & Rachel Barrell

Lucy Carroll & Alison McEntee

Michelle Schneider

Fabian Franke

PhD on track – working with generic skills in context

Jessica Lönn-Stensrud & Eystein Gullbekk

David Parkes & Alison Pope

Sara Pek

Karin Pettersson & Lena Landgren

Leena Järveläinen & Riita-Liisa Karjalainen

Anders Mattias Lundmark & Jessica Lönn-Stensrud

IL on a shoestring Transitions – IL from cradle to tomb Health Literacy

Georgina Dimmock & Gillian Siddall

Christine Irving

Jess Haigh

Helen Howard

Dan Pullinger

Samuel Nikoi

Darren Flynn

Tina Hohmann & Caroline Leiss

Zoe Clarke

Ian Hunter

Wendy Stanton, Paul Fodor & Ruth Curtis

Fiona Ware

Kondwani Wella

Hannah Spring

Barbara Sen & Hannah Spring

Michael Raynor & Jenny Craven